Body Blitz Fitness Centre has used Custom Security Services for over 4 years and in that time we became one of the first 24 hour Gyms in Canberra.

Given that we have a cap on members, it was imperative that security access and onsite members’ personal safety was at the fore before deciding on a security provider to upgrade our requirements.

CSS was the only company that took the time to explain the product and how they would roll it out, they were also very competitive on cost.

CSS offer full after hours and sales back up and are always keeping us up to date on the latest technology.

Leah and I have no hesitation in recommending Custom Security Services to any Canberra business.
Posted By: John Desent
Body Blitz Fitness Centre
We have now had our alarm system operational for nearly a month and I would like to say how happy we have been with it and the service we have received from CSS.

Thomas, You were our initial introduction to the service provided by CSS. You provided us with very detailed and clear answers to all our questions. Your knowledge of the products and how they would suit our requirements was first class. Your friendly and professional manner made us very comfortable with our decision to have your company install the back to base alarm system and the CCTV internet accessible cameras.

The technicians did an excellent job of installing the equipment and we were always advised of when they would turn up and who was going to do the work. Their professionalism was first rate and nothing was too much trouble. The technicians also took time to explain very thoroughly how to operate the touch panel for arming and disarming the alarm and how to use the CCTV software.

The customer service you have provided has also been second to none.

We have had two alarm events and were contacted immediately by your company to determine if it was a genuine alarm situation or just “user error”. Fortunately is was “user error” but we were very impressed with how quickly your company responded to the activation of the alarm.

The Accounts staff too have always been very helpful, friendly and courteous.

Once again Diana and I would like to thank you and all of the staff at CSS for the professional way in which you have dealt with us and the excellent customer service you have all provided.
Posted By: Bryant and Diana Bice
McKellar ACT
Perin Group Management P/L, manage industrial, commercial, retail and residential premises in the ACT and Queanbeyan. Some premises require 24 hour a day public access while remaining secure against unwanted entry. Custom Security Services (CSS) have tailored satisfactory security solutions for these and other circumstances. Foremost amongst the solutions they offer is the Videofied surveillance system which has completely eradicated vandalism in the places it has been installed and has delivered substantial savings in capital and time.
I have dealt with many security operators in the past and have found CSS to be the best by a clear margin. CSS provide excellent service both during and after sales. They offer many technological solutions and are aggressive in researching and securing improved solutions. Their prices are competitive.
PGM P/L is a satisfied customer of CSS and intends to maintain CSS as its provider of security solutions for the premises it manages.
Posted By: Michael Perin
Director - Perin Group Management
CSS has provided the hotel with overnight security services since September 2009.
In this capacity, they have provided security personnel on our busy Friday and Saturday nights between the hours of 10pm and 6am. This includes monitoring the bar and providing staff assistance and crowd control, patrolling both externally and on our guest floors whilst providing back up for overnight team. As a 4.5 Star hotel, it is imperative that our guests feel safe and that the security services are consistent with the hotel’s standards and image. The CSS personnel are well groomed, helpful and maintain a visible presence. In my dealings with CSS, I have found them professional and they often go out of their way to ensure our needs are met.
Posted By: Nick Zilber
Crowne Plaza, Canberra
have known CSS professionally for over five years and I consider them to be a very professional, solutions-based company. CSS are very punctual, reliable and focussed on the provision of a wide range of services to the GSAHS including patrols, monitoring, installation and upgrades, maintenance, guarding and escorts. CSS has the capacity to provide large capacity attendances at extremely short notice. The staff is well presented, courteous at all times and are customer focussed; no issue is too much trouble. I have no hesitation in recommending Custom Security Services in all the above capacities.
Posted By: Andy Zarins
OHS Advisor – Greater Southern Area Health Service (GSAH)
Recognition & Ceremonial of the Australian Federal Police has utilised the services of CSS to provide venue security for the memorial service for National Police Remembrance Day for 2008 and 2009. The service provided by the CSS members has been professional and reliable. This has included both the CSS members on the ground and the support staff. In all cases we found the CSS staff to be willing to work with us and to take the time to meet with us on site so that they could best tailor their services to meet our needs. Further, when issues arose, the staff were quick to alert us, and were proactive in seeking our input and approval of appropriate solutions. Overall, the service provided was of a high standard and greatly assisted in the delivery of a quality outcome.
Posted By: Federal Agent Craig Skinner
Recognition & Ceremonial - Australian Federal Police
CSS monitors and patrols all of my premises where I store a lot of valuable stock over a large area that is attractive to thieves and vandals. CSS provides a valuable service to our company and we rate their expertise highly. I have utilised several other companies in the past in an attempt to find the levels of professionalism and service that I now receive from CSS. This is clearly demonstrated in the logging and tracking system that CSS implemented where I am able to verify services at any time ensuring maximum value for my money.
Posted By: John McGrath
Dealer Principal – John McGrath Ford
Custom Security Services have provided security services on all CIT campuses for the past 5 years. CIT campuses require continuous 24 hour security which CSS provides with the highest level of professionalism and reliability. Given the large campuses of CIT we require a broad range of security. These include: 24 hour monitoring, nightly patrols of all campuses, alarm responses, lock and unlocks, and emergency static guard services. CSS has also provided security for a number of events that we hold throughout the year including open days, formal functions and music festivals. I have no hesitation in recommending Custom Security Services to any business large or small. Their ability to be flexible and reliable is second to none.
Posted By: Ivan Radic
Operations Manager, Facilities Unit – Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT)

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