videofiedWhat is Videofied?

Videofied is a portable camera surveillance security solution for set up at trade shows and protecting displays

videofiedVideofied is a simple security solution that activates instantly when movement is detected. It then streams live footage with an alarm to the Central Monitoring Station.

From the Central Monitoring Station the footage is viewed and appropriate response services are despatched.

VIDEOFIED uses GPRS cell network communication - no phone lines or internet access required.

The system is entirely wireless for clean and efficient installation. Battery powered and portable.

Videofied Outdoor Solutions

  • All-weather (-30C to +60C)
  • Portable
  • Effective
  • Night Vision
  • Battery Powered


Ideal for construction sites, out door areas

GPRS Communication to Monitoring Stationvideofied

  • One Comminicator can manage 24 camera/sernsors
  • Cameras send video clips to communicator over 920 Mhz radio
  • Comminicator sends video alerts ove the GPRS network to 24x7 Monitoring Centre


Rental option is available for this equipment