GPS Tracking

Car Black Box

Beyond Security $365

  1. Rotation of Body and Lens
    Camera body and lens rotates in both vertical and horizontal direction. It helps user to record video of desired View including car interior. 
  2. WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) Feature
    WDR feature reduces backlight so that user can identify image without glare.
  3. Super Capacity Feature
    protects recorded data safely even when power supply is disconnected unexpectedly caused by any impact or incident
  4. Emergency Recording Mode
    Emergency Record Mode is activated once an impact such as sudden acceleration/break/ collision/turn forces is recognized by G-Force Sensor, and saves data in the event folder
  5. Manual Recording Mode
    The driver can press manual record record button to record data during desired period
  6. Data overwriting in order
    When Micro SD memory card is full, new video will overwrite old videos in timely order
  7. Voice Recording
    Built-in mic captures and records sounds
  8. Voice Guide
    Driver can easily identify black box setting status using built-in speaker
  9. Normal Recording Mode
    Continuous recording mode by 30fps/sec with high resolution of 2Mbps
  10. Honeywell Viewer
    The saved video data can be played by exclusive PC viewer manager provided by Honeywell or Window media player.
  11. Recording During Parking (option)
    With power cable, video can be recorded while car engine is off. The mechanism that measures remaining voltage automatically stops recording to prevent dead battery.